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The Route of the Sandstone Trail Race

Updated 15/9/07

Please note that some parts of the course are over farmland with frequent stiles or gates. The route generally follows the Sandstone Trail long distance path which is marked with black & yellow “footprint” signs.


However, for improved safety, the section of the race route underlined and in italics leaves the official trail route in order to cross the A54 by overbridge. There will be marshals at the major road crossings and other strategic points. Responsibility for route finding rests with the individual runner. NB: Some stiles listed may have been replaced by kissing gates or other improvements may have been implemented by the date of the race.

The A Race

Gently uphill from Start. Bear L after 300m to cross a dip and climb steeply to the main ridge. Proceed along ridge with escarpment on LHS to a dip. Straight ahead through a small cutting for 50m and then sharp L to continue following ridge. Over second top and gradual descent via 2 KG to road at Bickerton Church. Straight ahead at crossroads and climb to A534 (Gallantry Bank). Extreme care must be taken when crossing road.

Up metalled track opposite to its end, though KG and follow path up LHS of field, initially with woodland on LHS, then into woodland. Follow path with steep cliffs on LHS (take care!!), up steps and on to Raw Head summit (trig point). Continue along escarpment, then bear R and follow path, gradually descending for 500m to KG. Turn R onto rough track and continue for 250m to track junction. Through KG slightly to R ahead, then diagonally across field towards woodland. Through KG into wood, then follow path up hill and over top, then gradually descend to LHS to rough track. Turn R onto track as far as gatehouse at Peckforton Gap, then L for 30m on metalled road.

R through KG into field with wall on RHS. Cross several fields (4KG) to metalled road. L for 50m then R for 150m on road before crossing ST/KG on R into field. Keep hedge on RHS and cross second field to gate, entering woodland. 50m further on, bear L down hill to rough track. Turn R and follow this track for 1.3km, mostly downhill to metalled road with speed humps. Turn R on road and proceed for 250m then through KG on L. Path crosses field diagonally, then turn L after passing through KG leading towards...

The B Race start and continuation of the A Race

Proceed down field edge with hedge on LHS, then cross stream using bridge & KG then cross another field to KG, then down steps to road. Turn L onto road for 30m, then R into wood. Up hill for 200m to road. Straight on past Beeston Castle gates (drinks and split time point on LHS) for 300m and turn R through KG onto cow lane across fields. Down cow lane (muddy!) and bear R then L over STs to bridge under railway and through 2KG. Continue over canal bridge (KG) into large field (KG). Go directly up-slope to road (KG). Straight across road (KG), then bear half R to field edge and along field edge with hedge on RHS to KG, then across field to ST then another field to road (ST). Turn L along road for 500m then turn R at T-junction. Through KG after 20m on LHS. After 30m cross ST on LHS. Through field with hedge on RHS to ST. Straight-on with hedge on RHS to next ST, then across 4 fields (4ST). Bear slightly L over 5th field, then turn R through KG along narrow path (hedges each side) for around 400m then L at finger post over ST and cross 3 fields (4ST) to main road (A51). Extreme care must be taken when crossing road.

L at road then immediately R along track with barn/factory on LHS. 180m from road pass through KG then after a further 30m turn R through KG staying between fence and hedge around edge of field to KG. Proceed straight on to rough track. At track junction, go straight ahead over ST then diagonally L over large field to corner. Over STs to field, with fence on RHS, R over ST, along fence on LHS, over ST, R along grassy track to road (KG). Over road, (ST) along LHS of field to first corner, then R with trees on LHS. L over stream (2ST) then R, keeping to RHS of field to corner. Turn uphill, initially following edge of field then up track to ridge. L over ST at top. Continue with hedge on RHS, then R over ST and down to road at Rock Farm. Turn L for 200m to drinks station and split time point.

R up lane, around gate, then keep to path for 1.3km to road. Turn L on to road for 60m then straight on via gate/ST to the RHS of Summertrees Café. Through KG then down field with hedge on RHS. Through another KG into 2nd field. After 100m, through KG on RHS and continue with hedge on LHS to KG into Primrose Hill Wood. L for 200m with young trees on RHS, then R on path to main forest road. L onto forest road. Where forest road bears L, straight ahead up path to top of hill. Turn R and continue to corner of wood, then follow path along line of mature trees along field edge, 200m after leaving Primrose Hill wood, THIS FOLLOWING SECTION IS PRIVATE LAND AND MUST NOT BE USED PRIOR TO THE EVENT (PRIOR TO EVENT CONTINUE ALONG MAIN FOOTPATH) turn left into field off Sandstone Trail footpath and follow markers through three fields to emerge by the Farmers Arms pub on the edge of Kelsall. Turn right onto road and go straight ahead over crossroads up Yeld Lane. Take care on road. After 500m turn R into Forest Gate Lane (drinks station at top of hill). Continue straight on at next minor crossroads onto path entering Nettleford Wood. Turn L at end of path to rejoin Sandstone Trail footpath.

At end of wood, over ST, then down wide grassy track to cattle grid. L on gravel road then immediately R along path into Delamere Forest. Over ST at end of path, and straight ahead on main forest track. Follow track over railway for 1km to finish at Barnesbridge Gates.

In this area of the website you can find out about:

The official Sandstone Trail Waymarker The Official Sandstone Trail Waymarker is used to clearly mark the Sandstone Trail path along its length.

The Sandstone Trail Race Route The Sandstone Trail Race Route schematic.

KEY: ST = Stile; KG = Kissing Gate; L = Left; R= Right. LHS = Left Hand Side; RHS = Right Hand Side.

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