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Electronic Timing on the Sandstone Trail Race


The SportIdent system is widely used in Orienteering events but also in fell races such as the 3 Peaks Race and Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon.

SportIdent eCard This is the e-card that you carry. It is approximately 70mm x 18mm x 3mm and contains an electronic chip which records your time.

SportIdent Control This is the electronic Control. Placing the e-card into the control records your time. Please ensure the control bleeps and the red light flashes which confirms your time is recorded. This only takes about 5 seconds. There will be practice controls at each Registration.


Each runner will be issued with an e-card at Registration (note: Orienteers must use the cards issued and not use their own cards). This will be loosely strapped to your wrist and must be returned at the Finish. You will use this to record your times at the Split Time points and Finish.

Once Registered, you are in the race and it is essential to return the e-card to the Finish. If, for any reason, you do not complete the course, you must still return the e-card to the Finish, as we use the SportIdent system to ensure that all Competitors have been accounted for.

Also, if you do not return the e-card for any reason we will charge you £30 for a replacement!


The starts will be run as previous years and you do not need to use your e-card at the Start.

Split Times

You record your split times by dipping your e-card into the cylindrical hole in the control.

There will be 4 Split Time controls:

  • Beeston (A Race only)
  • A51 road crossing South (both races) - start of timed-out crossing
  • A51 road crossing North (both races) - end of timed-out crossing
  • Rock Farm (both races)

At each of these there will be several controls and it doesn't matter which one you use. The split time points will be marshalled but it is your responsibility to record your time.

Timed-out A51 road crossing

Commencing with the 2013 race, both races will have a timed-out road crossing at the A51. Because of the heavy traffic on this road, and to avoid the hazard that has been caused by a very small minority of competitors ignoring marshals' instructions in the past, there will be a time-out of a maximum of 90 seconds. All competitors must punch the electronic controls both before and after the road crossing; and must then cross the road strictly under the marshals' instructions. The time taken between the two controls will be deducted from the overall time for the race; the time deducted will be shown on the printout which each competitor receives at the finish. Any competitor not punching both controls will not receive a deduction for the crossing time. We have taken this action in the interests of competitor safety in the race.


At the Finish there will again be several controls and again it doesn't matter which one you use. Just go to the nearest free control and dip in your e-card as before.

Make sure you hear the bleep and see the light flash red. Once you have done this sucessfully your finish time is recorded. There will be marshals to assist if you have any problems.


After finishing follow the funnel to the Download Station. Your e-card will be removed from your wrist and placed in a special control which downloads your time into the results computer. You will receive a printout which shows your time (after deduction of the A51 crossing time) and all your split times. It also shows your current position, though this may change as the next few runners finish because they will have different deductions for the A51 crossing.

Results will be displayed:

  • Live on a computer screen at the side of the download tent
  • On the DEE website in the evening following the race

In this area of the website you can find out about:

Primrose Hill Beeston