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17.0km 288m

Pos Name Club Category Time
1st Graham Houghton Spectrum Striders M 01:12:09
2nd George Thompson Vale Royal AC M 01:12:31
3rd Tim Rutherford Razzer's Runners M40 01:16:23
4th Chris Millington Spectrum Striders M40 01:17:24
5th Connor McIlwrath ATB M 01:18:08
6th Robert Jones City of Chester Triathlon Club M 01:18:35
7th Andrew Mallagh Delamere Spartans M40 01:18:45
8th Martin Jones Bracknell Forest Runners M50 01:20:08
9th Chris Standidge City of Chester Triathlon Club M 01:20:19
10th Andrew Sherwood Unattached M 01:21:21
11th Paul Frodsham West Cheshire AC M50 01:21:41
12th Andrew Quicke Manchester Triathlon Club M 01:23:58
13th Ann-Marie Jones Altrincham & District AC F50 01:24:47
14th Neil Thomas City of Chester Triathlon Club M40 01:24:55
15th Jayne Joy Helsby RC F 01:25:11
16th Tony Devoy Wirral AC M50 01:25:15
17th Mark Flanagan Unattached M40 01:25:26
18th Nick Wilson Wirral AC M40 01:25:29
19th Andy Garnett Spectrum Striders M50 01:25:44
20th Stephen Parker Unattached M50 01:26:52
21st Tim Knight Unattached M40 01:26:58
22nd Sandra Lewis Altrincham & District AC F 01:27:00
23rd Peter Matzen Razzer's Runners M 01:27:12
24th Steve Mee Delamere Spartans M 01:29:10
25th Marcus Walker Unattached M50 01:29:26
26th Stephen Roberts Delamere Spartans M 01:30:20
27th Tony Hesketh Horwich RMI Harriers M60 01:30:53
28th Mike Smithard Deeside Orienteering Club M60 01:31:03
29th Claire Sutcliffe City of Chester Triathlon Club F40 01:31:48
30th Jon Moorhouse Delamere Spartans M40 01:32:02
31st Stephen Clarke Unattached M50 01:32:28
32nd David Ellis Weaverham Shadows M 01:32:36
33rd Philip Doyle Unattached M40 01:32:43
34th Graham Roberts Unattached M 01:33:11
35th David Feakes Helsby RC M50 01:33:17
36th Michael Charman Spectrum Striders M60 01:33:29
37th Craig Richardson West Cheshire AC M40 01:33:58
38th Chris Nation Tattenhall Runners M40 01:34:29
39th Alan Purcell Delamere Spartans M40 01:34:55
40th Tim Holloway Delamere Spartans M40 01:35:10
41st Kath Atherton Unattached F 01:35:12
42nd Rachel Adams Weaverham Shadows F 01:35:23
43rd Alan Harding Delamere Spartans M 01:36:03
44th Tony Nicholls Kearsley Trail and Fell Runners M50 01:36:06
45th Gordon McLeod Sunlight Runners M50 01:36:14
46th Matt Bardell Unattached M40 01:37:23
47th Janet Robertson Helsby RC F40 01:37:49
48th Steve Frood Delamere Spartans M50 01:38:03
49th Robert Rowlands Unattached M40 01:38:22
50th Jonathan Hughes Deeside Orienteering Club M 01:39:16
51st Lisa Davies West Cheshire AC F40 01:39:19
52nd Edward Pattinson Unattached M 01:39:28
53rd Paul Shannon Deeside Orienteering Club M50 01:39:30
54th Carol Shaw Helsby RC F50 01:39:40
55th Shari Sale Unattached F40 01:40:04
56th Peter McDermott Unattached M50 01:40:31
57th Alison Smith Tattenhall Runners F 01:40:57
58th Paul Biggs Unattached M40 01:41:14
59th Gavin Reeves Wrexham Amateur AC M 01:41:17
60th Ben Gregory Stockport Harriers M50 01:41:37
61st Nicholas Gallon Unattached M 01:41:41
62nd Paul Pierce Unattached M 01:41:43
63rd Paul Banks Liverpool RC M 01:41:47
64th Dan Ellis Unattached M40 01:41:53
65th Dave Thompson Spectrum Striders M50 01:41:57
66th Lesley Feakes Helsby RC F40 01:42:23
67th Ged Stephens Delamere Spartans M40 01:42:31
68th Edward Barnes Unattached M 01:42:33
69th Robert Morris Unattached M 01:42:48
70th Jane Pickering West Cheshire AC F40 01:43:22
71st Simon Duffy Unattached M 01:43:25
72nd Shaun Telford Delamere Spartans M40 01:43:46
73rd David Press City of Chester Triathlon Club M60 01:43:55
74th Peter Elliott Pensby Runners M50 01:44:00
75th Rheannon Rainford Warrington AC F 01:44:08
76th Tony Turner Delamere Spartans M50 01:44:18
77th Will Jukes Unattached M 01:44:47
78th Dale Southern Delamere Spartans M 01:44:48
79th Sally Parkinson Unattached F40 01:44:51
80th Mike Hall Spectrum Striders M50 01:45:00
81st Debbie Rutherford Pensby Runners F50 01:45:05
82nd Julie Cowan Unattached F50 01:45:38
83rd Trevor Abbott Unattached M50 01:45:59
84th Angela Grace Unattached F40 01:46:12
85th Alan Durston Ellesmere Port RC M60 01:46:15
86th Debbie Read Spectrum Striders F50 01:46:19
87th Georgina Lloyd-Watts Unattached F40 01:46:28
88th Heather Yarwood Unattached F 01:46:30
89th Chris Igoe Helsby RC M40 01:46:54
90th Barry Chambers Vale Royal AC M60 01:47:00
91st Michael Healy Unattached M40 01:47:30
92nd Deborah Turner Liverpool RC F40 01:47:33
93rd Mark Scott Liverpool RC M40 01:47:34
94th Mike Briffett Unattached M40 01:47:36
95th Kevin Thomas Unattached M 01:48:07
96th Ciara Murphy City of Chester Triathlon Club F 01:48:24
97th Sian Calow Deeside Orienteering Club F50 01:48:53
98th John Gallon Helsby RC M60 01:49:15
99th Stee Prile Kearsley Trail and Fell Runners M50 01:49:57
100th Kerry Ratcliffe City of Chester Triathlon Club F 01:50:11
101st Denis Garnham Unattached M40 01:50:39
102nd Bethan Rainford Unattached F 01:50:51
103rd Mike Mason Unattached M40 01:50:57
104th Alun Evans Razzer's Runners M40 01:51:01
105th Tracy Colligan Prestatyn Running Club F40 01:51:19
106th Jenny Tucker Cheshire Hash House Harriers F40 01:51:35
107th Francis Green Liverpool RC M60 01:52:08
108th Michael Purcell Deeside Orienteering Club M60 01:52:14
109th Andrew Rushworth Delamere Spartans M 01:53:09
110th Ian Hilditch Helsby RC M60 01:53:12
111th Leon Cooke Unattached M 01:53:14
112th Mark Rainford Unattached M50 01:53:57
113th Amy Edwards City of Chester Triathlon Club F40 01:54:00
114th Grace Hart Tattenhall Runners F40 01:54:42
115th Mike Worden Unattached M50 01:54:47
116th Daniel Williams Unattached M 01:54:49
117th Dominic Hinchcliffe Unattached M 01:54:51
118th Daniel Argyle City of Chester Triathlon Club M 01:54:54
119th Ian Church Unattached M 01:55:04
120th John Kleiser Delamere Spartans M 01:55:20
121st John Baldacchino Razzer's Runners M40 01:55:25
122nd Helen Hyder Manchester Triathlon Club F 01:55:28
123rd Rebecca Judson Manchester Triathlon Club F 01:55:32
124th Elaine Sutton Southport Waterloo AC F40 01:55:49
125th Karen Dalby Liverpool Harriers & AC F40 01:56:03
126th Patrick Henley Liverpool Harriers & AC M60 01:56:05
127th Rebecca Skade Delamere Spartans F 01:56:11
128th Dominic Watson Unattached M40 01:57:56
129th Barry Grantham Spectrum Striders M60 01:58:01
130th Jaynie Turner Delamere Spartans F 01:58:06
131st Catriona Fleming Deeside Orienteering Club F40 01:58:09
132nd Mandy Tibbott South Cheshire Harriers F40 01:58:57
133rd Nania Mason City of Chester Triathlon Club F40 02:00:14
134th Steve Mycio Unattached M50 02:01:02
135th Carol Culley Cheshire Hash House Harriers F40 02:01:05
136th Claire Beswick Unattached F 02:01:10
137th Donna-Marie Onions Mersey Triathlon Club F 02:01:17
138th Georgina Healy Unattached F40 02:01:42
139th Louise Worthington Unattached F40 02:01:54
140th Darren Wilson Razzer's Runners M40 02:01:59
141st Julie Logan Prestatyn Running Club F40 02:03:43
142nd Stephanie Charman Spectrum Striders F50 02:04:44
143rd Susie Woods Unattached F40 02:06:44
144th Rob Gale Unattached M50 02:08:37
145th Catherine Cuthbert Wallasey AC F 02:08:54
146th Ceris Owen Unattached F 02:09:40
147th Leah Binns Unattached F 02:10:10
148th Tiina Ashton Unattached F40 02:11:14
149th Helen Conboy Razzer's Runners F40 02:11:58
150th Karen Rutherford Razzer's Runners F40 02:11:59
151st Louise Law Unattached F40 02:15:22
152nd Kevin Greenwood Barnton Running Club M50 02:15:25
153rd David Thorley Audley Running Club M60 02:15:59
154th Nicky Briffett Unattached F 02:16:34
155th Ray Tindall Delamere Spartans M 02:20:24
156th Claire Shaw Delamere Spartans F40 02:23:49
157th Sandra Colquitt Unattached F40 02:26:40