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27.5km 655m

Pos Name Club Category Time
1st Chris Smithard Deeside Orienteering Club M 01:47:51
2nd Gary Norgrove Wrecsam Tri Club M40 01:56:05
3rd Tom Beasant Deeside Orienteering Club M 01:58:18
4th Dominic Raby Chorley Athletic and Triathlon Club M 01:59:31
5th John Hunt Dark Peak Fell Runners M40 01:59:40
6th Ken Sutor Cheshire Hash House Harriers M 02:01:35
7th Nicholas Hackett South Cheshire Harriers M 02:03:17
8th Peter Taylor Tattenhall Runners M 02:04:36
9th Paul Littler Razzer's Runners M 02:06:57
10th Duncan Harris Deeside Orienteering Club M40 02:07:12
11th Adair Broughton Helsby RC M 02:07:38
12th Steven Caldwell Vale Royal AC M 02:08:57
13th Oliver Blomfield Eden Runners M40 02:09:03
14th Charlie Sharpe Spectrum Striders M 02:11:54
15th Jeremy Fellick Wallasey AC M40 02:12:49
16th Lawrence Eccles Penny Lane Striders M 02:13:04
17th Andrew Clague West Cheshire AC M40 02:14:36
18th Jim O'Hara Helsby RC M 02:14:46
19th Iain Stanton Vale Royal AC M 02:15:16
20th Stephen Purcell Unattached M 02:16:41
21st Adam Jackson Keswick AAC M40 02:18:51
22nd Lisa Grantham City of Chester Triathlon Club F 02:19:06
23rd Rob Grantham Ellesmere Port RC M 02:19:08
24th Ian Brough Vale Royal AC M40 02:19:14
25th Ian Landucci Helsby RC M40 02:19:35
26th Justin Goulding Unattached M 02:20:30
27th Martin Quinn Chorley Athletic and Triathlon Club M40 02:20:40
28th Roger Carter Unattached M50 02:20:46
29th Graham Bayliss Unattached M40 02:20:51
30th David Rhodes Unattached M40 02:20:57
31st Chris Evans Wrexham AC M 02:21:01
32nd Philip Cuthbert Wallasey AC M 02:21:04
33rd Keith Scovell Unattached M50 02:21:07
34th Mark Liptrot Lostock AC M50 02:21:39
35th John Todd Vale Royal AC M50 02:21:59
36th Alistair McNay Tattenhall Runners M 02:22:06
37th Julian Spencer Spectrum Striders M50 02:22:16
38th Maria Kelly Penny Lane Striders F 02:22:36
39th Matt Wedderburn Unattached M40 02:22:38
40th Michael Burns Ellesmere Port RC M40 02:22:45
41st Mark Kemp Unattached M 02:23:02
42nd Kenny Begley City of Chester Triathlon Club M40 02:23:39
43rd Tim Bent Wrexham AC M40 02:23:44
44th Matt Perkins Jog Scotland M 02:24:39
45th Keith Simpson Wallasey AC M40 02:24:44
46th Gary Platt Chorley Athletic and Triathlon Club M50 02:24:50
47th Darren Cottier Vale Royal AC M40 02:24:58
48th Rob Williams Knowsley Harriers AC M 02:25:39
49th Helen Woodley Unattached F 02:25:56
50th Christopher Ryan N/A M 02:26:14
51st Simon Greenwood City of Chester Triathlon Club M40 02:26:17
52nd Rob Arden Tattenhall Runners M 02:26:26
53rd Paul Riley Penny Lane Striders M40 02:27:26
54th Simone Capponi Penny Lane Striders M 02:27:43
55th Lee Wilkinson South Cheshire Harriers M 02:27:57
56th Robert Chambers Tattenhall Runners M 02:28:12
57th James Upton Unattached M 02:28:22
58th James Moreton Delamere Spartans M 02:28:24
59th Emily Dove Whitchurch Whippets F 02:29:13
60th Christopher Collins Unattached M 02:29:15
61st Clive Colson Delamere Spartans M40 02:29:44
62nd Keith Large Unattached M40 02:29:59
63rd Andrew Whittaker Delamere Spartans M 02:30:38
64th Ian Stainthorpe Rochdale Harriers & AC M50 02:31:09
65th Andy Robinson Helsby RC M50 02:31:24
66th Robbie Collins Mersey Triathlon Club M 02:31:35
67th Nicholas Holmes Tattenhall Runners M50 02:32:00
68th Steve Nash Unattached M40 02:32:45
69th Paul Jackson Chorley Athletic and Triathlon Club M40 02:34:17
70th Steve Hammond Tattenhall Runners M50 02:35:20
71st Jan Rogers City of Chester Triathlon Club F40 02:35:49
72nd Nick Wishart Delamere Spartans M40 02:36:23
73rd Tim Charmley Tattenhall Runners M40 02:36:28
74th Robert Mayers South Cheshire Harriers M40 02:36:45
75th James Atkinson City of Chester Triathlon Club M40 02:37:06
76th Tim Munslow West Cheshire AC M40 02:37:33
77th Dave Hampson St Helens Sutton AC M50 02:38:00
78th Sarah Jackson Liverpool Harriers & AC F 02:38:07
79th Jason Jones Unattached M40 02:38:13
80th Robert Hornby Delamere Spartans M50 02:38:28
81st Nicola Raby Chorley Athletic and Triathlon Club F 02:39:07
82nd Martin Durrant Tattenhall Runners M50 02:39:12
83rd John Booth South Cheshire Harriers M50 02:39:24
84th Paul Clutterbuck Vale Royal AC M40 02:39:26
85th Stephen Spall City of Chester Triathlon Club M40 02:39:49
86th Simon Hughes Unattached M40 02:40:06
87th Matthew Powers IND M40 02:41:35
88th Ruth Pryce South Cheshire Harriers F 02:42:05
89th Pete Connolly City of Chester Triathlon Club M40 02:42:07
90th Nigel Crompton Pensby Runners M50 02:42:27
91st Kevin Dandy City of Chester Triathlon Club M 02:43:15
92nd Claire Munton Unattached F 02:43:28
93rd Martin Hilton Tattenhall Runners M40 02:44:13
94th Stephen Whincup South Cheshire Harriers M50 02:44:31
95th Alun Evans Unattached M 02:45:06
96th Keith Brown Warrington Road Runners M50 02:45:10
97th Lewis Monks Unattached M40 02:45:31
98th Daniel Chadwick Spectrum Striders M 02:45:45
99th Cristina Puccini Penny Lane Striders F40 02:45:49
100th Linda Jones Wrexham Amateur AC F40 02:46:36
101st Mike McCorkell Tattenhall Runners M40 02:46:49
102nd Mary Tavener Vale Royal AC F50 02:47:05
103rd Michael Wharton Sale Harriers Manchester M 02:47:17
104th Kate Lightfoot Tattenhall Runners F40 02:47:44
105th Richard James Wrexham AC M 02:47:51
106th Richard Batterham West Cheshire AC M60 02:47:58
107th Paul Seatle City of Chester Triathlon Club M40 02:48:13
108th Gareth Jones Delamere Spartans M40 02:48:26
109th William Thomas Unattached M 02:48:43
110th Sally Howarth Trafford Athletics F40 02:48:58
111th Richard Saunders Wallasey AC M50 02:50:49
112th Paul Donoghue Buckley RC M40 02:51:03
113th Rodney Jones Tattenhall Runners M50 02:51:33
114th Kath Stott Tattenhall Runners F50 02:51:38
115th Swaz Fraser Westerlands Cross Country Club M40 02:51:40
116th Tom Rutherford Pensby Runners M40 02:52:03
117th Alison Macdonald Ellesmere Port RC F40 02:52:05
118th Ian Cuthbert Unattached M40 02:52:10
119th Kirsty White Royton Road Runners F 02:52:52
120th Charles Ashley Wrexham Amateur AC M50 02:53:05
121st Charlie Rowlands South Cheshire Harriers M40 02:53:07
122nd Sean Britton Wirral AC M 02:53:30
123rd Steve Eastwood City of Chester Triathlon Club M50 02:53:42
124th Ellie Robinson West Cheshire AC F40 02:54:57
125th Simon McAllister City of Chester Triathlon Club M40 02:55:01
126th Gill Gibbons South Cheshire Harriers F50 02:55:05
127th Alasdair Dyde South Cheshire Harriers M40 02:55:07
128th David Ashcroft Warrington Tri Club M50 02:56:27
129th Allison Grundy Tattenhall Runners F 02:56:38
130th Steve Smith Vale Royal AC M40 02:56:50
131st Jackie Keasley Helsby RC F50 02:58:29
132nd Mandy Kenworthy City of Chester Triathlon Club F40 02:58:53
133rd Ian Grace Chorley Athletic and Triathlon Club M50 02:59:41
134th Amy Durrant South Cheshire Harriers F 02:59:42
135th Karen McGibbon Cheshire Hash House Harriers F40 02:59:44
136th Simon Taylor Unattached M 03:00:58
137th Amanda Davies Tattenhall Runners F 03:01:57
138th Fredelina Yong Reading Roadrunners F 03:02:03
139th Rob Baddeley Cheshire Hash House Harriers M40 03:02:23
140th John Lambe Royton Road Runners M40 03:02:30
141st Gillian Csizmadia Wrexham Amateur AC F50 03:02:57
142nd Iain Bell Deeside Orienteering Club M40 03:03:31
143rd Kathy Frankland Tattenhall Runners F40 03:04:02
144th Martin Clayton Delamere Spartans M40 03:04:53
145th Louise Shannon Unattached F 03:05:01
146th Sandra Connell Picton Sports Centre RC F50 03:05:06
147th Sudarshan Ratnavelu Cheshire Hash House Harriers M 03:05:31
148th Paul Cleary Unattached M40 03:07:10
149th Stephane Paulus Unattached M40 03:07:11
150th David Owen Unattached M 03:09:26
151st Owain Williams Tattenhall Runners M40 03:11:32
152nd Heather Garland Spectrum Striders F 03:11:45
153rd Darren Burns Fell Ponies M40 03:13:00
154th Sue Davies South Cheshire Harriers F40 03:14:15
155th Laura Ashford Tattenhall Runners F 03:14:50
156th Robert Webster Tattenhall Runners M50 03:16:22
157th Sarah Bayliss Eryri Orienteers F40 03:16:29
158th Dominique Miller City of Chester Triathlon Club M40 03:16:37
159th Katy Lewis Picton Sports Centre RC F40 03:16:51
160th Ian Blakebrough Cheshire Hash House Harriers M60 03:17:07
161st Nicky Owen Cheshire Hash House Harriers F50 03:17:57
162nd Graham Schofield Chorley Athletic and Triathlon Club M50 03:20:14
163rd Graham Sutton Deeside Orienteering Club M50 03:20:40
164th Rachel Saunders Wallasey AC F50 03:22:13
165th Janet Evans South Cheshire Harriers F40 03:23:18
166th Mike Cooper Unattached M 03:30:34
167th Ashley McCraight Unattached M60 03:30:38
168th Sharon Langton Picton Sports Centre RC F50 03:40:24
169th David Cooper Unattached M50 03:54:16
170th Erin Ross Prestatyn RC F 03:55:11
171st Julie Greenwood Royton Road Runners F40 04:07:18
172nd Tony Hunking Royton Road Runners M50 04:07:20
dnf Simon Walker South Cheshire Harriers M40  
dnf Paul Robertson Ellesmere Port RC M50