Chris Smithard DEE 01:07:48
Andrew Reeves Serpentine RC 01:11:07
Mat Gilbert Wrecsam Tri Club 01:12:43
Mike Tyrie Durham Fell Runners 01:13:27
Alistair McNay Tattenhall Runners 01:16:52
Andy Quicke Manchester Triathlon Club 01:20:41
Lawrence Eccles Penny Lane Striders 01:23:03
Jonathan Prichard Tattenhall Runners 01:23:46
Andy Garnett Spectrum Striders RC 01:23:51
Max Woods West Cheshire AC 01:24:19
Keith Middleman Southport Waterloo AC 01:25:01
C. Gibbs Wirral AC 01:25:35
Penny Thorn Serpentine RC 01:26:16
Mike Smithard DEE 01:26:22
David Haines Vale Royal AC 01:26:34
Andrew Mayers South Cheshire Harriers 01:26:49
Keith Simpson Wallasey AC 01:27:01
Charlie Aldersey Tattenhall Runners 01:27:59
Daniel Powell Clapham Chasers RC 01:28:25
Paul Stinton Buckley RC 01:28:26
Sandra Lewis Altrincham & District AC 01:29:16
Brad Ehlen Spectrum Striders RC 01:29:21
Michelle Murphy Liverpool Harriers & AC 01:30:46
Geoff Hand Spectrum Striders RC 01:31:37
Jan Rogers City of Chester Triathlon Club 01:32:29
David Press City of Chester Triathlon Club 01:33:50
Joanne Smith Trent Park Running Club 01:34:08
Malcolm Sloane City of Chester Triathlon Club 01:35:32
Jeanette Fox Wirral AC 01:36:05
Rob Mayers South Cheshire Harriers 01:36:49
Colin Davies Altrincham & District AC 01:36:54
Chris Metcalfe Razzer's Runners 01:39:32
Andrew Tomkinson Rochdale Harriers & AC 01:39:33
Phil Cliff South Cheshire Harriers 01:39:44
Andy Smith Helsby RC 01:41:29
Graham Sutton DEE 01:41:57
Colin Lamprey Pensby Road Runners 01:42:16
Rachel Arnold Helsby RC 01:42:30
Victoria Consterdine-Tilley South Cheshire Harriers 01:42:47
Eleanor Robinson West Cheshire AC 01:43:18
Gill Collen Warrington RRC 01:43:41
Joseph Shelbourne Picton Sports Centre RC 01:44:33
Barry Chambers Vale Royal AC 01:44:49
Valerie Kinvig Vale Royal AC 01:45:37
Grace Hart Tattenhall Runners 01:46:27
Mansur Mohammadi Sunlight Runners 01:46:56
Pauline Davies Vale Royal AC 01:47:08
Lisa Davies West Cheshire AC 01:47:25
Jane Pickering West Cheshire AC 01:47:26
Karen Dalby Liverpool Harriers & AC 01:47:44
Patrick Henley Liverpool Harriers & AC 01:47:44
Linda Edmondson Wrekin Road Runners 01:47:54
Alan Willoner Dark Peak Fell Runners Club 01:48:22
Carole Morrison Sunlight Runners 01:48:48
Scott Heath Army AA 01:49:03
Jim Fedigan Pensby Road Runners 01:50:05
William Swift Pensby Road Runners 01:50:09
Stuart Baird Chard RRC 01:50:12
Val Ornsby City of Chester Triathlon Club 01:50:19
Keith Jones Buckley RC 01:50:33
Amy Edwards City of Chester Triathlon Club 01:50:54
Gillian Csizmadia Wrexham AAC 01:51:00
Becky Quicke Manchester Triathlon Club 01:52:39
Alison Meakin Helsby RC 01:53:05
Adele Curran Tattenhall Runners 01:53:09
Ashleigh Eaton Tattenhall Runners 01:53:10
Charlotte Brennan Ellesmere Port RC 01:54:03
Jane Hallows Penny Lane Striders 01:55:00
Sacha KendallWoods West Cheshire AC 01:55:13
Sharon Langton Picton Sports Centre RC 01:55:14
Lisa Ayling West Cheshire AC 01:55:16
Melanie Barker Tattenhall Runners 01:55:42
Christopher Walsh South Cheshire Harriers 01:56:57
Alexandra Duncan-Price Tattenhall Runners 01:58:59
Sharon Eaton Tattenhall Runners 01:59:35
Sally Napthen City of Chester Triathlon Club 02:02:29
Graham Lloyd Helsby RC 02:02:51
Sinead Malone West Cheshire AC 02:04:25
Sally Evans Mersey Tri 02:06:02
Andrew Evans Mersey Tri 02:06:03
John Kane City of Chester Triathlon Club 02:06:39
Liz Painter South Cheshire Harriers 02:08:06
Simon Crocker DEE 02:11:16
Callum Crocker DEE 02:11:18
Peter Norman Wrexham AAC 02:11:31
Elizabeth Shelbourne Picton Sports Centre RC 02:11:43
Craig Jones Sunlight Runners 02:13:01
Karen Lesley Billingsley West Cheshire AC 02:14:32
Anne Hewitt Rossendale Harriers & AC 02:27:34
David Tomkinson Rochdale Harriers & AC 02:38:45
Les Hewitt Spectrum Striders RC 02:41:55