Schools League Rules and Scoring System

The rules for 2017-2018 are the same as for the 2016-2017 Season.



To promote the sport of Orienteering to School and Youth Groups in Cheshire and Merseyside by providing a series of Orienteering Events, a competitive League, a Primary Schools Championship and a Relay Event each school year.


The league is organised on an informal basis by members of Deeside Orienteering Club.


The League will have four courses: Yellow, Orange, Light Green and Green (or a Long Light Green where Green is not possible). A non-competitive White course will also be provided for novices and Primary School children. Points will not be awarded to entries on the White Course reflecting the non-competitive nature of this course.

If an Event Area is deemed to be suitable an additional Blue Course may be offered.

Please note, the Schools League Events are not closed events. Whilst they are primarily designed for the interest and enjoyment of the Schools League Competitors, they are open events in which anybody may take part.


To be eligible, a Schools League Competitor must be:

  • A member of a School or Youth Group that is a Group Member of Deeside Orienteering Club (DEE),
  • A member of the British Schools Orienteering Association,
  • Or a Junior Member of a British Orienteering affiliated Club (such Competitors must register at Events using their School, School Year rather than their British Orienteering Club and Age Class).

Each Competitor must be equipped with a Whistle and a Compass.


Competitors should register at an Event using their gender and correct school year, for example BY8 (Boy year 8), GY10 (Girl year 10).

Race Timing

All Schools League Events will use electronic timing based on Sport-Ident equipment. Competitor's can use their own SI-Card, or may hire an SI-Card at each Event (a nominal hire fee applies).


The "Two Rivers" trophy will be awarded to the winner of the Senior School League.

Senior School League Rules


Competitors may run as pairs on the Yellow Course only and may score Individual Ranking Points and Points for their School Team. Pairs on other courses will be classed as 'Non-competitive' meaning that they will not score either Individual or School Team points. Any Group of more than two on any course will be classed as 'Non-competitive'.

If two runners wish to run as a pair, they must both have an SI-Card and they must both punch at every control on their course. This will mean they will each score points for the School Team and for their Individual Rankings. If a pair runs with only one SI-Card, only one score will be registered.


Teams comprise of six counters who must all be Pupils of the same School/Group. Schools may have more than one Team. The first six highest counters count towards team 1, the next six highest, team 2 and so on. To score Team Points, a Team must have at least three counters.


Team Points

The School Team with the highest individual points scores 25 points, the next highest team score 24 points etc. down to 6 points.

All Teams (and part teams) score at least 5 points. The team with the highest number of team points wins at the end of the season.

The season will consist of five Events. This may be reduced due to an Event cancellation or should an Event inadvertently clash with another School Event.

Individual Points:

Individual points are calculated on the following basis:
Course points x Year weighting factor = Individual points

Each Competitor's position within their Year Group's Individual Rankings Table is based upon the sum of their Individual Points for their best four Events.

Course Points

The base time for the Yellow course will be the time of the leading eligible competitor from year 7/8 who shall score 400 course points.

The base time for the Orange course will be the time of the leading eligible competitor from year 7/10 who shall score 600 course points.

The base time for the Light Green and Green course (or Long Light Green) will be the leading eligible competitor from any year and they shall score 800 and 1000 course points respectively.

If a competitor from a year other than 7/8 on the Yellow or years 7/10 on the Orange beat the base time, they will be awarded points for the base time only.

The course points for all other competitors are calculated using the base time as a percentage of their own time. E.g. Green course. Base time 30mins 00 secs. A competitor with a time of 35mins 00 secs scores (30:00/35:00) x 1000 = 835 course points.

Weighting Factor

Competitors from each year will receive a weighting factor as follows:

Weighting Factors
  Boys Girls
Year 7 1.4 1.65
Year 8/9 1.25 1.4
Year 10/11 1.1 1.25
Year 12/13 1.0 1.1

Scoring Examples

The winner of each course would score as follows:

Example Scores
Class Course Base Course Points Weighting Factor Individual Points
GY7 Yellow 400 1.65 660
GY7 Orange 600 1.65 990
BY7 & GY8/9 Yellow 400 1.4 560
BY7 & GY8/9 Orange 600 1.4 840
BY7 & GY8/9 Light Green 800 1.4 1120
BY8/9 & GY10/11 Yellow 400 1.25 500
BY8/9 & GY10/11 Orange 600 1.25 750
BY8/9 & GY10/11 Light Green 800 1.25 1000
BY8/9 & GY10/11 Green 1000 1.25 1250
BY10/11 & GY12/13 Yellow 400 1.1 440
BY10/11 & GY12/13 Orange 600 1.1 660
BY10/11 & GY12/13 Light Green 800 1.1 880
BY10/11 & GY12/13 Green 1000 1.1 1100
BY12/13 Yellow 400 1.0 400
BY12/13 Orange 600 1.0 600
BY12/13 Light Green 800 1.0 800
BY12/13 Green 1000 1.0 1000


  • Competitors are encouraged to run the course suitable for their ability.
  • Due to the weighting factor competitors running down a course are likely to score fewer points.
  • Competitors running up a course have the potential to score more points but may score less.
  • If a Blue Course or a Long Light Green Course is made available then scoring will be as per the Green Course


Schools League Course Designs
Course Technical Difficulty Course length(km) Estimated Winning Time
White 1 1.5 +/-20% 15-20 minutes
Yellow 2 2.0 +/-20% 20-25 minutes
Orange 3 2.6 +/-20% 25-35 minutes
Light Green 4 3.3 +/-20% 30-35 minutes
Long Light Green 4 4.3 +/-20% 35-40 minutes
Green 5 4.0 +/-15% 35-40 minutes

Primary Schools Championship Rules

  1. The Primary Schools Championship will be the sixth or last event in the season.
  2. The Championship will be set on a White course.
  3. Competitors must run individually (pairs will be non-competitive).
  4. School teams shall comprise of four runners.
  5. The first eligible finisher shall be awarded 1 point, the second 2 points etc.
  6. The school team with the lowest aggregate total from the best four competitors from that school shall be the winner of the Primary Championship.

Group Leaders are encouraged to make use of Events prior to the Primary Schools Championship to help familiarise their competitors with Orienteering.

SPORTIDENT AIR+ Contactless System

Also known as SIAC.

The SIAC is a new form of SPORTIdent card. It displays a vivid flash and issues a loud series of beeps to confirm that the Control and Timestamp have been written to the card. The SIAC can be used contactlessly with Controls prepared as beacons and it can also be dipped at a control that is being used in the traditional way (known as direct punching). When working contactlessly, the SIAC works when it passes within 50cm of the Control. Whilst the traditional SI-Cards, SI-Card 5/6/8/10/11, continue to work in the traditional way using Direct Punching.

For events not set-up for contactless punching, all SI-Cards (including the SIAC) work in the traditional way using Direct Punching (dipping the card).

It is increasingly likely that DEE will introduce Beacon Controls on Schools League Courses and so the possibility of contactless punching could become a reality.

Until such time as DEE can offer all Schools League Competitors equal access to SIAC cards we are afraid that the use of a SIAC Card by a Schools League Competitor is not allowed. Any Schools League Competitor equipped with a SIAC Card has one of two alternatives:

  • Take part in the Event as a non-competitive participant by declaring to the SI/Download team during the Punched Entry phase of the pre-start procedure their possession of a SIAC card and their intention to run non-competitively.
  • Take the option of using traditional SI-Card issued from the DEE stock of Hire Cards. There will be no hire charge for this service as long as the SIAC card is handed to the SI/Download Team in exchange/deposit for the Hire Card. Again the Punched Entry phase of the pre-start procedure is the time and place to sort this out.

Failure to observer either of the above and to use a SIAC Card in the Schools League competition will result in disqualification.

DEE has considered the possibility of a handicapping system so that SIAC cards could be used, but there are numerous practical problems in doing so and it is apparently against guidelines set of by British Orienteering. So that won’t be happening.