End of Season Report

This has been my first year as Co-ordinator for The Cheshire and Merseyside Schools Orienteering League. I found the prospect of following on from the giant that is Malcolm Irvine daunting to say the least. Now that we have come to the seasons close I hope that I have done a half decent job. As ever, the help from friends within DEE has been immense and critical to the existence and success that our Schools League competition enjoys.

Congratulations to The Fallibroome Academy who won the Schools League and "monstered" the top ten places with no less than four Teams. Helsby High School improved by one position over last year to take second place. Finally, Fallibroome's second team (who pushed Helsby all the way through the season) had to settle for third place ahead of Sandbach School.

Continuing on from last season's experiment, we again held the Primary School Championships on a White Course at our last event of the season; Birkenhead Park. This format feels very settled and will continue into the future.

Congratulations to Mickle Trafford Village School who won the Primary School Championships again and also have the honour of the loudest cheer ever experienced by this Orienteer at a prizegiving ceremony!

And finally…

The Cheshire and Merseyside Schools Orienteering League is a massive undertaking for a Club such as DEE and I thought some statistics might put some of what has been achieved into context. Deeside Orienteering Club have:

  • Hosted 6 Events over 7 months
  • Requiring 30 Courses to be planned
  • Covering a total of 82.5km
  • Needing a total of 140 volunteers to staff the 6 Event Teams

During this Season:

  • 228 registered Schools League competitors
  • Have run 860 legs
  • Covering a total of 2,200km
  • Which is equivalent to a road-trip from London to Lisbon
  • Or 22 round-trips between Liverpool and Manchester
  • Or 52 Marathons taking just over 15 total days running to complete

I wish to say a heartfelt thanks to all the Area Co-ordinators, Event Planners, Controllers and Organisers who made our Events possible. I am so grateful to all those who volunteered to assist on the Event Days. I am particularly in the debt of Jean Payne whose tireless efforts brought our fixtures together and assembled the Event Teams.

The 2015-2016 Schools League Season is currently being planned and I hope that it will continue to meet the high standards of our previous competitions. So keep your eyes peeled on the Schools League Fixtures page for updates on the dates and venues for next season's fun.

The Schools League stands or falls on the quality and enthusiasm of our Club Members coming forwards to assist in whatever capacity in the planning and staging of our Events. If you have not been a part of an Event Team before, please don't be shy. We always need more volunteers to help and the rewards of being part of creating so many happy and excited children at a Schools League Event are priceless.

Thank you
Martin Pickering