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Results - all correct only includes runners who punched the controls correctly. These are the true winners under the rules of this event. Those who punched any wrong control at the 'mystery' controls, irrespective of whether or not they also punched the right control, are shown as disqualified.

Results - times only includes people who got the 'mystery' controls wrong as well as those who got them correct, so you can compare your times. If you have mispunched at any other control, you are shown as mispunched.

Splits show only the correct controls - they do not show punches at the 'mystery' controls. They do show the disqualifications due to punching a wrong 'mystery' control, but do not show which wrong control you punched. Runners wishing to find out which wrong 'mystery' control got them disqualified should refer to their splits printout produced at the event: additional copies of these are available if required from Bob Elmes for an exorbitant fee.

Appeals against disqualifications should be directed to The Twisted Planner ()