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Bickerton Hill Night Event

Sunday 25 November 2006

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Organiser/Planner/Controller's Comments - John Hateley

Bickerton Hill … great area, shame the map is getting so long in the tooth. There were so many map corrections, I gave up on master maps and went for the pre-marked option. So we still have hundreds of copies of the thing left over!

I tried to make the Blue and Green pretty technical in places, but the Orange was harder than I wanted. Control 6 (the pit on the spur) was invisible from the path and had no obvious attack point, causing the controller to have a bit of a panic as night fell. The planner reluctantly agreed to put some tape nearby on the path to guide runners in.

The organiser wishes to thank Dave Morris of the National Trust, Ali Ingleby for helping on the night, anybody who helped with the SportIdent software … and the local resident for driving the exhausted (battery) competitor back to the car-park!

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   Pl Name                          Club      Class     Time   

Orange  (9)  2.5 km  70 m   12 C                

    1 Christopher Beasant            DEE       M16     29:39   
    2 Pete Sleigh                    DEE       M40     43:30   
    3 Bob Elmes                      DEE       M60     45:02   
    4 Roderick Johnstone             DEE       M30     45:27   
    5 Barry Chambers                 DEE       M55     50:04   
    6 Hannah & Mummy Hateley         DEE       W40     50:40   
    7 Helen & Beatrix Elmes          DEE       W12     55:10   
    8 Evelyn & Mum Elmes             DEE       W10     61:38   

   nc Alison Ingleby                 DEE       W21       mp    

Green  (8)   4.1 km  125 m   13 C               

    1 Thomas Beasant                 DEE       M16     44:51   
    2 Michael Beasant                DEE       M14     48:01   
    3 Stephen Round                 SELOC      M55     63:10   
    4 Stephen Richards              SELOC      M50     72:19   
    5 Kath Broatch                  ERYRI      W40     106:53  
    6 Julie Brook                   MDOC       W55     116:19  

      Nigel Beasant                  DEE       M45       mp    
      Alan Heron                    SELOC      M70       mp    

Blue  (10)   5.0 km  150 m   16 C               

    1 Timothy Martland              MDOC       M40     46:20   
    2 Iain Bell                      DEE       M40     51:48   
    3 Graham Nilsen                 MEROC      M45     64:24   
    4 Chris Roberts                 SROC       M50     65:19   
    5 Chris Rostron                 MDOC       M55     68:03   
    6 Edward Mellor                 SELOC      M35     70:48   
    7 John Britton                  MDOC       M55     72:25   
    8 Paul Jones                    CROC       M40     84:25   
    9 Dave Broatch                  ERYRI      M45     99:10   

      Eddie Speak                   MDOC       M50       mp    

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