Big Covert Summer Evening Event, 28/6/06Wed 28/06/2006 22:42
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Organiser's Comments - Mike Round

A successful electronic punching evening event, which seemed to go very smoothly on the night due to the expertise and efficiency of a fine band of helpers. My thanks to Chris Wilcox, Barry May, Norman Hall, Alan Mullock, Tim & Jenny Palmer, Marion Round, Barry & Jill Barnes, David & Vivienne Kershaw, Peter and Sheila Hills, Pauline Smithard, Barbara Majumdar, Jackie Bale & Andrew Kemp. The weather stayed fine, and we saw the sun, but fading light favoured early runners in the darkening wood. Thanks also to Tarmac for permission to use the area.

Planner's Comments - Chris Smithard

Hope everyone enjoyed their run in this great area with an updated map. There were a few problems with the pre-printed maps but the majority seemed to cope with these problems. Thanks to Mike Round for organising, Tim Palmer for SI organising and my dad for controlling my planning.
Yellow (13) 2.3 km 60 m 9 C
Orange (12) 2.4 km 105 m 9 C
Red (3) 4.7 km 120 m 16 C
Light Green 3.0 km 110 m 13 C
Green (42) 3.4 km 150 m 16 C
Blue (30) 5.6 km 245 m 18 C