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Little Budworth District Event

Sunday 23 October 2005

Revised 29/10/05

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Organiser's Comments - John Sherwood

It was pleasing to see over 200 competitors including many juniors take part in the event. We were extremely fortunate with the weather to provide ideal conditions. I hope all the competitors enjoyed their runs and the area. My sincere thanks go to the many people (in no particular order) who contributed to success of the event:

1. Helpers on the day - Pauline Smithard, Zoe Smithard, Sue Sherwood, Barbara Jones, Martin Cranny, Carol Cranny, Kate Ingleby, Tim Palmer, Jenny Deakin, the Beasant family, Steve Ingleby, the Drinkwater family, Bob Verity, Barbara Verity, Barry May, Ali Galvin, Mike Round, Richard Sherwood and Margaret Murphy.
2. Carol Tarr for organising the DEE/MDOC social.
3. Barry Barnes for the early preparation work.
4. Cheshire County Council for allowing us to use the Country Park and Lee Thompson, Countryside Ranger for his help and support.
5. Mrs Dobson of the Egerton Arms who kindly agreed to our use of the adjacent field for parking.
6. Planner - Denis Murphy.
7. Controller - Mike Greenwood.

If I have missed out anybody, please accept my apologies.

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Planner's Comments - Denis Murphy

Firstly many thanks to Robin Tilston for quickly producing and printing revised maps at a more sensible scale for the area. The SI controls allowed a blue course of nearly 6km which would not have been possible on the old scale.
Post race discussions included the relative demerits of 'Beacon' versus 'Bingo' controls. I tried to steer clear of the former as I was concerned that any blue competitors finishing in less than 30 minutes would ask for a refund: my excuses for the latter are that I tried to pick big pits and trenches or ones in a definite collective pattern on the map. Sorry about the rootstock but I did check it from every angle I could think of. Many thanks to the Countryside Rangers who were very helpful and happy for us to use the whole area.
Thanks also to John Sherwood for his friendly and efficient organisation, Mike Greenwood for his thorough controlling and Tim Palmer for help and support with the SI units.

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Controller's Comments - Mike Greenwood

No major comments, just a couple of observations.
In these days of pre-printed maps, several competitors seemed to struggle to copy their control circles accurately.
I was concerned about the controls at the far N (238 & 253), hence the map corrections, but most seemed to cope with these two controls. Looking at the splits the two controls that caused most difficultly were 230 (Orange & second on Light Green) and 242 (last on Light Green + Green). On reflection, we could perhaps have bashed down more of the bracken around 230, and the depression is marginally further away from the path / earthbank than mapped, but still visible from the earthbank. 242 was on a small pit, and perhaps should not have been hung inside the pit. The control was in the correct place, and accurate compass and pacing would have taken competitors to the row of pits running NW/SE.
I enjoyed my days out in Little Budworth and I hope you also enjoyed your runs. Thanks to everyone in DEE who helped, especially Denis for planning the event.

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Scoring System: A par time was set for each course by the controller (Mike Greenwood). Each competitor scored the number of minutes (or part thereof) that they were faster than the par time. Anyone who was slower than the par time scored zero points. There was no limit on the number of scorers on each course. The par times for each course were as follows:

Yellow :
36 minutes
Orange :
46 minutes
Light Green :
48 minutes
Green :
50 minutes
Blue :
64 minutes

Scores: Scores per course were as follows:

Yellow :
Orange :
Light Green :
Green :
Blue :

The 2005 Challenge winner is therefore Deeside OC. Well done to everyone from both clubs who took part. We look forward to next year's competition when it will be the turn of MDOC to compete on home ground.

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