Organiser's Comments - Rick Hughes

I hope that you all enjoyed your runs on a wonderful early summer's evening; better weather could not have been arranged. Observing the progress of the start, it would appear that the decision to allocate start times at the start itself was justified in that few competitors seemed to need to rush to the start bearing in mind its distance from the car park. Furthermore, the start team did not need to alter start times as everyone arrived at the start on time. Perhaps this system can be adopted at other similar events where there is vehicular access to the start. Thank you for the many positive comments we all received from grateful competitors, it certainly makes the jobs of organising, planning and controlling events worthwhile. Talking of planning and controlling it was a pleasure to work with both Mike and Malcolm and Matthew's input to the course planning belied his 13 years of age. I also believe that he is a wizard with OCAD so make sure that you sort out a reasonable consultancy fee for him dad (and no percentage cut!). The club was well served, as ever, by the various teams of helpers who carried out their tasks with customary DEE efficiency and good humour. Many thanks to Alan, Barry, Martin, Barbara, Norman, Paul, Shane, Brian, Pete, Andy, Christopher, Bob, Pat and Chris. I would also like to thank the Forestry Commission for allowing us to use the area and Sarah Wilson and her colleague for sorting out a potential access problem only an hour before the first starter was due to set off. There was one major disappointment during the evening and that was the theft of property from the cars of two competitors. Such events are fortunately rare at orienteering events but that doesn't help the two people affected whose enjoyment of an evening's orienteering was completely spoiled by the activities of a few individuals who obviously knew exactly what they were doing. The club will need to think carefully about car parking at future events in Delamere in the light of what happened. But to end on a positive note; thanks to all of you for coming and once again, thanks for all the compliments and kind comments we all received.

Planner's Comments - Mike and Matthew Vokes

Hope everyone found the courses ok and the undergrowth not too dense. Forestry Commission felling and closure of the Christmas Tree car park caused the late transfer ot the event from Delamere East to Linmere. After toying with using Old Pale we decided to go for a centre chunk of the main forest - thanks to Robin Tilston for producing a map so promptly. Main issue was trying to create a different set of courses/controls from the January Regional Event, the Permanent Course and the recent Summer Evening Event - possible control locations became somewhat more limited! This in turn led to the longer than ideal walk to the start, but did at least mean we used a different part of the forest. I hope no-one was put off too much by the fence erected by the contractors - felling had apparently moved ahead more quickly than expected meaning they were close to the area for which we had approval ahead of schedule - however, the contractors had withdrawn for the day by the time the event started. Thanks in particular to Malcolm McIor for his excellent all-round advice and diligent controlling - as first time planners it was very reassuring to have an ex-Grade 1 level controller on the case.

Controller's Comments - Malcolm McIvor

I am sure that most of you who came to this event were probably aware that up until a month before the evening of the event the venue was going to be in a totally different part of the forest. It is therefore to the tremendous credit of the planning team of Mike and Matthew Vokes for setting such interesting courses in such a short timescale in the new area. During that month the bracken could almost be heard as it grew inches each day which did make some controls rather more tricky to navigate to than they would otherwise have been. Congratulations to all the course winners who showed some quite remarkable times considering the undergrowth problems, particularly on the Blue and Green courses. Thanks also to organiser Rick Hughes and all of his team of helpers who saw registration, start, finish and all the associated activities run so smoothly. The event, however, was severely marred by two competitors' cars being broken into and their personal belongings stolen. This kind of thing is alien to orienteering and must be attributed in this case to sharing a car parking area with members of the public at large. We have raised our concerns with Forest Enterprise but I feel that there is little they can do except perhaps to install security cameras. If anyone remembers seeing any suspicious behaviour by people in the main car park then please let the organiser know of it in a hope that it may help police with their enquiries. Did anyone take photographs in the car park? It would be my recommendation for future events in Delamere Forest that we cease to use the existing car parks and use fields in and around the area which will accommodate only orienteers' cars. 

Blue 5.1km 15 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 David Schorah             DEE    M18    38:16
   2 Peter Sleigh              DEE    M40    42:40
   3 Clive Giddis              DEE    M40    45:10
   4 Jon Hateley               DEE    M40    45:23
   5 Noel Schorah              DEE    M45    47:32
   6 Michael Woods             DEE    M45    48:47
   7 Mark O'Donoghue           DEE    M35    49:03
   8 Mike Smithard             DEE    M55    49:53
   9 N Wood                    MDOC   M40    50:45
  10 Eddie Speak               MDOC   M50    51:13
  11 Peter Potter              DEE    M45    51:15
  12 Simon Thompson            MDOC   M40    51:27
  13 Kath Broatch              ERYRI  W40    52:14
  14 Andy Campbell             DEE    M40    52:24
  15 Simon Coppock             DEE    M40    52:39
  16 M Statham                 DEE    M45    54:35
  17 Lee Scott                 SYO    M35    54:53
  18 Chris Wilcox              DEE    M50    56:03
  19 Helena Crutchley          MDOC   W40    56:30
  20 Rosie Grayburn            MDOC   W18    57:42
  21 Jenny Hoare               ERYRI  W18    58:32
  22 Paul Smith                MDOC   M35    58:52
Colour standard (Top 50% of 44 starters)
  23 John Armstrong            DVO    M50    59:44
  24 John Ellis                ERYRI  M35    61:38
  25 Catherine Hill            DEE    W35    62:22
  26 Andrew Payne              DEE    M50    62:56
  27 Trevor Roberts            MDOC   M55    63:08
  28 William Stead             DEE    M45    63:17
  29 Matthew Cochrane          MEROC  M50    64:10
  30 Roger Sparkman            IND    M55    69:05
  31 Phil Colville             MDOC   M50    69:57
  32 John Collins              DEE    M40    70:12
  33 Sarah Bayliss             SPLOT  W35    70:37
  34 A Heron                   SELOC  M70    71:34
  35 Pete Owens                DEE    M45    72:17
  36 Paul Kutarski             DEE    M50    77:03
  37 Kath Speak                MDOC   W45    77:56
  38 John Keyworth             DEE    M45    87:13
  39 Jill Cochrane             MEROC  W45    96:57
  40 Dave Broatch              ERYRI  M45   1175:39
     Nick Price                MDOC   M45   wrong no.3
     Elizabeth Britton         MDOC   W18
     David Mawdsley            MDOC   M60
     Scouts 1 ?                SCOUTS M?

Green 4.1km 15 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Martin Green              MDOC   M50    48:05
   2 Roy Lindsell              DEE    M60    51:16
   3 Maggie Hateley            DEE    W40    53:02
   4 Sara Campbell             DEE    W40    53:20
   5 L Jackson                 MDOC   W35    53:22
   6 Graham Sutton             DEE    M50    55:05
   7 P Jones                   IND    M40    56:32
   8 Michael Round             DEE    M50    56:50
   9 Eifion Thomas             DEE    M55    57:50
  10 Terry Harper              DEE    M65    59:05
  11 Susan Richmond            DEE    W21    59:32
  12 Elliot Malkin             MDOC   M14    62:54
=13 Barry Chambers            DEE    M50    62:58
=13 Zoe Smithard              DEE    W14    62:58
  15 John Sherwood             DEE    M55    63:18
  16 Denis Murphy              DEE    M55    63:33
  17 Jill Dobby                MDOC   W50    64:17
  18 John Williams             POW    M60    64:46
  19 Tim Mallon                MDOC   M45    65:02
  20 Peter Edwards             DEE    M65    66:35
  21 Barry Barnes              DEE    M60    66:38
  22 Pauline Smithard          DEE    W50    66:45
  23 Keith Mutch               POW    M65    66:46
  24 Pauline Abblett                  W50    68:44
  25 Ian Gilmartin             DEE    M45    69:04
  26 Brian Keegan              DEE    M65    69:14
  27 D Kirsche                 MDOC   M45    69:26
  28 Jean Rostron              POTOC  W60    70:49
  29 Peter Ross                MDOC   M55    71:01
  30 Barry May                 DEE    M60    71:10
  31 Bob Elmes                 DEE    M60    71:22
  32 Karl Bescody              MDOC   M21    71:24
  33 Malcolm Duncan            POTOC  M70    71:51
Colour standard (72:07)
  34 Paul Nicholson            DEE    M50    72:51
  35 M Roberts                 MDOC   W45    73:52
  36 Sian Calow                DEE    W40    73:54
  37 Margaret Murphy           DEE    W55    75:07
  38 Sue Birkenshaw            MDOC   W65    75:42
  39 Margo Bolland             MEROC  W65    75:54
  40 Helen Price               MDOC   W45    76:04
  41 Pat Moody                 DEE    W45    76:09
  42 P Irvine                  IND    M45    79:06
  43 Robin Tilston             DEE    M65    85:20
  44 Alan Platts               DEE    M45    88:00
  45 Jan Ellis                 MEROC  W35    92:37
  46 Jenny Mallon              MDOC   W45    95:29
  47 Neil Laidlaw              IND    M45   107:27
  48 Nick Barker               IND    M40   1171:06
     P Kirsche                 MDOC   M12   7 missing
     Tony Smith                POTOC  M50
     Ian Farrell               MDOC   M21
     Michael Richardson        DEE    M60
     Anne Hurrell              DEE    W50
     Mike Butcher              MDOC   M50
     Terry Bolland             MEROC  M65
     DM + 3                    SCOUTS M13

Light Green 3.1km 10 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Michael Purcell           DEE    M55    58:05
   2 Rod Hewitt                IND    M35    58:23
   3 Julie Morrissey           MDOC   W40    59:30
   4 Fran Heron                SELOC  W65    60:00
   5 Ria Jones                 SBOC   W21    62:26
   6 Sid Cobain                IND    M      62:40
   7 A Broatch                 IND    M35    65:30
   8 Aidan Chavasse            DEE    M12    67:44
   9 Nicolette Richardson      DEE    W60    74:59
  10 Sarah Gales               MDOC   W14    77:48
  11 Alison Smith              MDOC   W14    77:51
  12 Annie Price               MDOC   W15    82:48
Colour standard (87:07)
  13 R Powell                  MDOC   W21    92:25
  14 Nia Benson                DEE    W14   103:47
  15 Bethany Schorah           DEE    W14   113:54
     Kevin Tilley              IND    M35   8,9missing
     Jenny Deakin              DEE    W21
     Caroline Wrench           IND    W
     Trevor Hindle             MDOC   M40
     Nathan,Kevin,Sam ?        SCOUTS M12
     Paul Robson               SCOUTS M?
     Jake and James ?          SCOUTS M12

Long Yellow 4.5km 14 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Jessie and Richard ?      DEE    M/W11  43:18
   2 Barney Broatch            ERYRI  M10    46:03
     Jane Lea                  IND    W35   no 7,8,9,
     Sophie Walters + 1        SCOUTS W12

Orange 2.8km 7 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Rosie Evans               DEE    W10    22:24
   2 Samuel Drinkwater         DEE    M12    31:30
   3 Christopher Owens         DEE    M12    45:00
   4 Graham Heap               IND    M40    51:52
   5 Mike B                    MDOC   M12    58:32
   6 Helen Elmes               DEE    W12    60:23
   7 Sarah Bailey              MDOC   W14    63:27
Colour standard (Top 50% of 13 starters)
   8 Sally Grader              IND    W11    67:47
   9 Lesley Keyworth           DEE    W45    69:33
  10 Catriona Schorah          DEE    W45    77:06
  11 Norma and Allan Jones     IND    M/W    78:48
     A Greatbach               MDOC   M14
     Laura, Holly, Hannah ?    SCOUTS W11

Yellow 2.4km 8 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Matthew Kemp              DEE    M12    18:15
   2 Sue Kemp                  IND    W40    24:09
   3 Edward Calow              DEE    W9     26:01
   4 Matthew and Thomas Billy  IND    M7     27:10
   5 Beatrix Calow             DEE    W12    28:56
   6 Sam and Tom A             SCOUTS M12    30:43
   7 Alec Tooze                IND    M12    30:53
   8 A Giddis                  DEE    M7     31:03
   9 Tom Evans                 DEE    M5     31:52
Colour standard (Top 50% of 18 starters)
  10 C McIvor                  IND    W21    32:25
  11 Naomi Chavasse            DEE    W10    33:00
  12 Pippa Mallon              MDOC   W10    33:17
  13 Karin Jones               IND    W21    35:12
  14 Lachlan Chavasse          DEE    M10    39:30
  15 Richard Percival          IND    M9     40:48
  16 Daniel and Joe ?          SCOUTS M11    44:43
  17 Charlotte Tilley          DEE    W2     52:17
  18 Emma Giddis               DEE    W4     54:49