Deeside Orienteering Club
Summer Evening Event at Runcorn Town Park
Tuesday 24 May 2005

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Organiser's Comments - Sheila Hills

Despite earlier fears the weather in the evening turned out to be fine, so it was a shame that more competitors did not turn out to take part, especially as we haven't used this area for a few years now.

Most of the evening went along smoothly, thanks to all the marvellous helpers I had. Unfortunately it was spoilt, at the end in particular, by a group of youths intent on doing harm to our planner, because he had chased them earlier, on his bike, when they ran off with some property. They only disappeared when we made moves to phone the police!

My thanks go to the Ranger Lyn Brookes who was very helpful before, during and after the event; Pete Owens for planning interesting courses; Peter Hills for being his mentor and my helper; and Barbara Jones, Meg Owens and family, Tim Murphy, Caroline Gregson, Brian & Pat Spoonley, Bob Elmes & Pat Moody and their children, Steve & Kate Ingleby, Chris & Shaun Calow and their children, Nigel Beasant and family, Shane Drinkwater and Norman Hall.

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Planner's Comments - Pete Owens

It was interesting to explore the Runcorn Town Park over the months and see the change as the undergrowth sprang up. The park seemed most suited for the easier courses, but there were some surprisingly technical areas and opportunities for interesting route choices, particularly on the blue course. The green course was the most problematic to plan. I hope you didn't find the 800m on the towpath too tame - at least you could enjoy the scenery for a bit.

Thank you to Peter for such helpful and thorough controlling. He probably saved me from being lynched by an angry mob of orienteers arriving after dark. The debate over one control description would fill a short article in Deeside News!

Thanks also to Robin for making numerous last minute changes to the map. It is good to have the technology to be able to print up-to-the-minute maps for the event. Though perhaps I was a tad optimistic to hope for 300 competitors to turn up to Runcorn just two days after Twin Peak.

Apologies to anybody on the red or yellow courses who reached either of the two controls that "walked" before we managed to replace them.

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Controller's Comments - Peter Hills

It is some years since we last used the Town Park for a Summer Evening event, and it came as a pleasant surprise to find that it offers more technical challenges than I remembered.

Although I believe that this was only Pete Owens' second attempt at planning, I think he did an excellent job in providing interesting courses, making the most of the area. I heard no adverse comments on the courses from the finishers I talked to, although some of them came in bloodied from taking direct routes through some of the rougher areas. The one downside to the use of the area was the presence of the local Yobs, who somewhat spoilt the end of the evening, as well as removing two controls earlier on.

Thanks to Sheila for organising this event in addition to coordinating the whole Summer Evening programme.

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Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Matthew Kemp              DEE    M12    15:55
   2 Sue Kemp                  IND    W40    17:37
   3 Sean Pickering            DEE    M10    18:10
   4 Beatrix Calow             DEE    W12    24:19
Colour standard (Top 50% of 8 starters)
   5 Edward Calow              DEE    M10    27:18
   6 Lauren/Rebecca Unknown           W10    37:02
   7 Emily + Donoghue                 W1     38:25
   8 David Browning            DEE    ???    51:02

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Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Sam Drinkwater            DEE    M10    30:49
   2 Chris Owens               DEE    M12    45:13
   3 Sarah Bailey              MDOC   W16    52:32
   4 Helen Elmes               DEE    W10    54:36
Colour standard (Top 50% of 7 starters)
   5 Dan Alderley              MDOC   M14    60:44
   6 Adam Greatbatch           MDOC   M14    60:56
     Shane Drinkwater          DEE    M40    32:57

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Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 N. Grant                  BAOC   M21    35:10
   2 A Woodrow                 MDOC   W50    41:19
   3 Robbie Smith              MDOC   M16    48:57
   4 Christian Bridge          MDOC   M16    52:03
Colour standard

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Light Green

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Pat Moody                 DEE    W45    36:00
   2 Alice Kutarski            DEE    W18    43:38
   3 A.M. Pasanen              FIN    ???    44:42
   4 Julie Morrissey           MDOC   W40    45:08
   5 Jenny Deakin              DEE    W21    46:21
   6 Ria Jones                 SBOC   W21    49:19
Colour standard (54:00)
   7 R. +1 Powell              MDOC   W21    63:12
   8 Jenny Campbell            MDOC   W16    75:26
   9 Eleanor Cowell            DEE    W14    80:54
     Caroline Wrench           IND    ???   W5
     Neil Laidlaw              INT    M40   

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Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 John Kewley               SYO    M40    42:16
   2 Eifion Thomas             DEE    M55    46:20
   3 Matthew Wardner           BAOC   M35    47:19
   4 Michael Beasant           DEE    M12    48:41
   5 Tim Palmer                DEE    M40    49:13
   6 Denis Murphy              DEE    M55    50:12
   7 Alan Mullock              DEE    M55    51:23
   8 Sara Campbell             DEE    W40    53:03
   9 Christopher Beasant       DEE    M16    53:17
  10 Mark O'Donoghue           DEE    M35    54:53
  11 T Greenhalgh              MDOC   M40    55:11
  12 Zoe Smithard              DEE    W14    55:40
  13 Michael Round             DEE    M50    55:43
  14 Barry May                 DEE    M60    56:05
  15 Barry Chambers            DEE    M50    57:01
  16 Sian Calow                DEE    W40    58:58
  17 Chris Calow               DEE    M50    59:53
  18 Ian Gilmartin             DEE    M45    60:11
  19 John Williams             POW    M60    61:23
  20 Richard Hughes            DEE    M50    62:41
Colour standard (63:24)
  21 Rodney Johnstone                 M75    68:02
  22 Nick Barker               IND    ???    68:16
  23 Tim Murphy                DEE    M50    69:16
  24 Keith Mutch               POW    M65    71:09
  25 Ann Hurrell               DEE    W50    81:25
  26 Margaret Murphy           DEE    W55    81:36
     Andy Smith                       M40   M3,7,10
     Dave Preece               IND    ???   M4,6,7,10,

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Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Timothy Martland          MDOC   M40    57:20
   2 Mike Smithard             DEE    M55    57:53
   3 Noel Schorah              DEE    M45    58:52
   4 Clive Giddis              DEE    M40    62:25
   5 Thomas Beasant            DEE    M16    65:46
   6 J. Sipponen                      M21    69:26
   7 Peter Potter              DEE    M45    74:22
   8 Fero Pasanen              IND    M50    75:59
   9 Martin Pickering          DEE    M40    82:31
Colour standard (86:00)
  10 J & T Bushnell                   M21    98:42
     P. Aird                   DEE    M45   M1
     Andy Black                DEE    M35   
     M. Statham                DEE    M45   
     Simon Coppock             DEE    M40   
     Paul Kutarski             DEE    M50   
     William Stead             DEE    M45   

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