Deeside Orienteering Club
Colour Coded Event at Marbury Country Park
Sunday 17 November 2002

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Organiser's Comments - Nigel Beasant

First could I say a big thank you to all of those club members who helped at the event, especially to Barry Barnes and Steve Ingleby who weren't even supposed to be doing anything but competing. I hope the newer members who helped have now put some names to faces and feel more part of the club. Without all their efforts the event would not have taken place or run as smoothly as it appeared to. With the night event being held on the Saturday evening I worked closely with Barbara Jones (night event organiser) to ensure we each had the equipment we needed. With guarantees from the Park Rangers that they would be there by 09:00 on Sunday at the latest we decided to store the equipment overnight in the Rangers office. After all, they had turned up at 21:00 on Saturday night to lock it up! With everything else going so smoothly I should have realised this was not a good idea. No Ranger appeared on Sunday and we were all hanging around wondering how we could hold an event without clocks, maps and control cards! Fortunately, the Ranger did turn up at 09:40 just as we were about to ring the police to tell them to ignore the alarm from the Rangers office. Thanks to the knowledge of the experience 'helpers' and the enthusiasm of the not so knowledgeable, everything got set up in around 20 minutes, with little help from me! It shows orienteering events are not 'run' by the organiser but by the 'helpers'.

P.S. When filling out your control card please include your BOF number at DEE events. It makes producing the results so much easier.

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Planner's Comments - Jon Hateley

Marbury doesn't offer too many orthodox planning challenges usually the biggest decision is deciding whether to send people clockwise or anti-clockwise around a donut-shaped bit of woodland. However, in an attempt to liven up yet another C4 and the Dee Club Champs, I decided to chance a novelty format for the two technical courses. Competitors were initially required to negotiate a standard point-to-point event, then collect 6 controls in any order, find a special thicket in a block of wood with many thickets, follow a line for 2 controls and finally pursue a mobile control that was intent on eluding fast runners. Feedback was favourable I think most people enjoyed doing something different and perhaps we should consider something similar for a few of the summer evening events.

We also took a bit of a chance not using the lockable controls in an area with a poor vandalism record. Andy Payne and I decided that standard controls were essential for the night event and it would have been a pain replacing these for the day event. We got away with it as a couple of controls moved on Saturday afternoon were recovered with the help of a stool, and only one control was shredded by an over-excitable mutt.

Thanks to Andy for acting as controller and not-so-mobile control (he found a comfy seat), Jean and Pete for collecting controls and 'Rupert' the mongrel for only semi-digesting control PV (path junction).

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Long Yellow 4.4km 14 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Shane Drinkwater          PFO    M35    33:41

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Yellow 1.9km 10 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Sam Drinkwater            PFO    M8     16:47
   2 Hannah Hornby             DEE    W10    17:20
   3 S Pickering               DEE    M7     18:35
   4 Zoe Vokes                 DEE    W9     22:39
   5 Philip Vokes              DEE    M6     22:51
   6 Karl Southern                           32:07
Colour standard (Top 50% of 11 starters)
   7 A Kennedy                 MDOC   M11    40:05
   8 P Marsden + E Bell        DEE    W5/6   40:49
   9 A Stead + 1               NONE   W40    42:02
  10 S Jackson + E Cuffin Munday
DEE W4 46:24 11 Daniel Southern 59:49

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Orange 3.1km 14 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Matthew Vokes             DEE    M10    29:21
   2 L Kennedy                 MDOC   W14    31:44
   3 Callum Crocker            DEE    M12    36:31
   4 Michael Beasant           DEE    M10    37:56
   5 Aaron Parkinson           DEE    M11    44:04
Colour standard (Top 50% of 10 starters)
   6 Daniel Simpson            DEE    M12    57:56
   7 James Gallagher           DEE    M12    61:01
   8 T Marsden + W Bell        DEE    M9     67:06
   9 Joshua, Matthew, Ben             M10    79:21
  10 James Ross + 1            DEE           80:12

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Light Green 3.1km 16 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 I Campbell                DEE    M45    32:59
   2 Robert Hornby             DEE    M40    35:27
   3 Thomas Beasant            DEE    M12    38:30
   4 M O'Donnell               DEE    M65    39:08
   5 Mike Potter                      M21    40:06
   6 Roger Green               DEE    M65    41:11
   7 Stuart Anders             SELOC  M20    41:12
   8 Jennifer Beasant          DEE    W40    43:43
   9 Rob Kennedy               MDOC   M45    44:18
  10 Pat Aspinall              EPOC   W60    44:57
  11 Christopher Beasant       DEE    M12    45:06
  12 Barry May                 DEE    M60    45:16
  13 Fran Heron                SELOC  W60    46:09
  14 Darrell Smith             SELOC  M21    46:19
  15 Jan Ellis                 WCH    W50    47:56
  16 R Ritzema                 DEE    M55    49:24
Colour standard1 (49:28)
  17 Frank Rose                MDOC   M70    49:51
  18 Dan Wilcox                DEE    M14    51:23
  19 J Jocys                          M45    55:13
  20 S Hurrell                 DEE           55:18
  21 C Barcham                 SELOC  W35    57:03
  22 Parkinson, Gallagher, Simpson
                               DEE    M11    59:29
  23 Kath Rose                 MDOC   W70    62:42
  24 Kathryn Tayler            DEE    W12    77:44
  25 Tony Thomas                            115:11

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Green 4.2km 23 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Andy Black                DEE    M21    44:55
   2 David Radspinner          DEE    M35    45:14
   3 Andrew Tarr               DEE    M60    47:59
   4 Michael Richardson        DEE    M60    49:35
   5 Anya Crocker              DEE    W18    52:58
   6 C Kirkham                 MDOC   M55    53:29
   7 Mike Round                DEE    M50    53:30
   8 B Parkinson               EPOC   M50    54:07
   9 Barry Chambers            DEE    M50    55:13
  10 Tim Murphy                DEE    M45    55:26
  11 Jean Payne                DEE    W45    56:39
  12 Terry Harper              DEE    M60    56:51
  13 M Hateley                 DEE    W35    57:34
  14 C Gregson                 DEE    W35    57:36
  15 Anthony Greenwood         EPOC   M60    57:39
  16 Alan Heron                SELOC  M65    60:22
  17 Dando                     LUOTC         62:06
  18 William Stead             DEE    M40    63:25
  19 Clare Crocker             DEE    W40    63:40
  20 Simon Crocker             DEE    M40    63:42
  21 Rachel Morris             AIRE   W35    65:01
  22 M Taylor                  DEE    M45    65:54
Colour standard1 (67:22)
  23 E Drew                    MDOC   W21    68:01
  24 R Tomkins                 LUOTC  M40    68:03
  25 J Tomkins                 LUOTC  W12    69:03
  26 Marie Williams            MDOC   W21    69:57
  27 A Broatch                               75:27
  28 J Hurrell                 DEE    W45    75:58
  29 Davidson                  LUOTC         76:20
  30 Carol Tarr                DEE    W60    77:30
  31 B Verity                  DEE    W50    77:40
  32 Grice                     LUOTC         91:07
  33 Doherty                   LUOTC         92:11
  34 V Pitcher                 DEE    W50    93:30
     Paul Chavasse             DEE    M35   w14
     Craig Marsden                    M35   m6,20

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Blue 5.8km 29 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Tim Martland              MDOC   M35    41:17
   2 Peter Sleigh              DEE    M35    42:11
   3 Steve Ingleby             DEE    M45    47:08
   4 Mark Richardson                  M21    53:41
   5 R Hill                    DEE    M35    57:33
   6 Chris Wilcox              DEE    M45    58:51
   7 Sara Campbell             DEE    W35    59:01
   8 Andy Campbell             DEE    M40    61:22
Colour standard1 (61:55)
   9 Barbara Drew              MDOC   W16    65:35
  10 John Ellis                AIRE   M35    67:05
  11 C Drew                    MDOC   M55    67:11
  12 Ian Watson                MDOC   M55    69:32
  13 Ryan                      LUOTC  M20    71:07
  14 C Hill                    DEE    W35    73:17
     Richard Hainge            MDOC   M21   m28
     R Verity                  DEE    M60   m8

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