Faulty base station on courses 1 and 2: Base station 238 (control 9 on course 1, and control 11 on course 2) failed early in the event and was replaced by base station 252. More than 20 competitors passed through this control in its failed state, so there is no record that they visited it. We could have estimated the times at which these competitors visited this control, but decided it was preferable to void the control completely. Control code 238 does not, therefore, appear on the split time results for these courses. The total times taken on these courses are not affected.

Ranking Points: Many badge competitors who entered on the day either forgot to write their BOF numbers on their entry slips, or wrote down a number that was either illegible or belonged to someone else. We have tried to rectify as many of these omissions and errors as we can, but there are still a few missing BOF numbers in the event's data base. This won't affect the results, but it could lead to some competitors not receiving ranking points. So, if you expect to receive ranking points for the event and find that you don't receive any, please e-mail John Hammond with your BOF number.

Lost Property:

One white training shoe (left foot only!)
Black fleece hat

Please contact Mike Smithard to claim.

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