Split times - Newborough - 21 October 2001

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Split times are provided in the following formats:

  • Standard SPORTident format, showing split times with no frills. The order of the splits is: M10B - M75L, W10B - W75L, M21E, W21E, Green, Orange, Yellow.

  • The Winsplits format displays split times, together with an impressive amount of associated statistical information. If you own Winsplits you can download your 'splits' file onto your PC and see graphical comparisons, including the 'pursuit graph'. Click here for more information about Winsplits.

  • The 'Progress-o-graph' graphic format makes it easy to see where time was gained and lost, and where positions were exchanged. Using it, you can easily select any permutation of runners from the same course/class, and compare their performances. A picture is worth a thousand words (or numbers)!