Officials' Comments - Newborough - 21 October 2001

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Organiser's comments- David Beattie

I am glad that after all we were finally able to present you with an event on one of the most interesting areas in the UK. Thanks to the two planners Mike Richardson and Malcolm McIvor for a range of acclaimed courses, and controllers Graham Nilsen and Trina Cleary for checking that everything was in order. Thanks to all the Deesiders who helped run the event, but particular mention to two who effectively have done two events - Robin Tilston who spent innumerable hours over a hot computer slotting in all the entrants, and John Hammond who ran our website.


Planners' comments - Macolm McIvor and Mike Richardson

We are very pleased that you all obviously had as much enjoyment competing at Newborough as we did in planning on such a great area. The abundance of possible control sites and the variation in the terrain right across the area was always going to provide all the ingredients for challenging courses for all age groups. The biggest planning challenge for the longer courses was how to best use the much smaller area covered by the new map, compared to the 1995 map, as a result of the severe encroachment of the 'bramble jurassicus' which you saw on your way to the start and which is rapidly spreading throughout the remaining area; we did try to clear some of the worst on the routes to the finish from controls 134 and 181.

Electronic 'punching' made it possible to put multiple legs across the same areas to give you, the competitor, more technical orienteering challenges. The winning times on virtually all of the courses indicate that we got it just about right on the day. Apologies for any difficulties encountered through overloading on controls but this was due to the extra entries received for the new date. The other problem experienced was felling which took place after courses were initially planned (and indeed some immediately prior to the original date of the event) but in fact we had to make very few changes as a result.

Our thanks to Graham for ensuring that the courses and controls were all correct, to Trina for all her help during the weekend, and to David Beattie and the whole Deeside team for providing such splendid organisation and prompt results, and in particular you, the competitors for all your positive comments and messages.

Lost and Found Property

The following e-cards were lost during the event. They provide the only record that their owners visited all their controls, so they are keen to get them back! Please check that you haven't inadvertently walked off with an extra e-card! Their numbers are:

  32167, owned by Chris Keeling-Roberts (M50L)
32193, owned by Terry Dooris (M75L)

The following items were found after the event was over. Please contact Barbara Jones on 01928-788916 if you want to claim any of them.

  Ron Hill top (blue/black, L, thought to belong to a M45 or M50)
Pair of VJ O-shoes, green and white
Black & red socks (left on car park field)
Navy & red VJ gaiters (left on car park field)
A variety of head and wrist bands
2 compasses (please describe)
Control description holder (left at finish)
Magnifying half spectacles


We have only been able to return unused maps to those who provided us with SAEs. If you weren't able to compete and would like your map, please let Robin Tilston have an SAE if he hasn't already got one. Robin's address is: 69 Liverpool Road, Chester CH2 1AW.