Deeside Orienteering Club
Summer Evening Event held at Eaton Park
Tuesday 3 July 2001

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Organiser's Comments - Marion Pope

The event seemed to run fairly smoothly although the humid conditions must have been tiring for the runners. There was much initial deliberation as to whether we needed the tents (or was it just that I couldn't remember where the hammer and pegs were). However, Phil was right to insist that we erect them as it later transpired that Wirral was receiving a tremendous downpour at that time.

Thanks to Chester Catholic High School, Grosvenor Estates, Chester City Council and Overleigh St Marys Primary School for the use of their facilities and land.

Phil Janaway, Mike Bradley and Dave Brooks gave me excellent help and advice ( 'so why didn't you follow it' I hear you all say). Glennys Hammond and Barry Barnes sorted out permissions and Tim Palmer kindly attended to the computerised results.

Last but definitely not least, grateful thanks to the team of willing and able helpers who all turned up on the night: Barbara Jones, Kath Keegan, Steve O'Brien, Bob Roach, Josie Nichols, Denis Doyle, Jackie Bale, Andrew Gething, John Collins, Malcolm McIvor, Peter Hills, Sheila Hills, Peter Sleigh, Denis Murphy and Margaret Murphy.

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Planner's Comments - Mike Bradley

The unpredictability of FMD meant the planning of two sets of Blue courses and erring on the side of caution as to how much of the meadows we used. Luckily though all went well on the day, no vandals, no rain, no lost (well not for too long) competitors and not too many nettles/brambles and assorted scratchy things.

I hope you all enjoyed the courses, even those few on the Blue who didn't seem to like the long run in. Think of it as a bit of stamina training for the Scottish hills.

Thanks must go to Marion for doing an excellent job at her first attempt and to Phil for all his expert advice on course details, some of which I listened to :o). Also to Peter Sleigh who helped to collect controls in the ever thickening darkness.

Thank you too to all the mosquitoes who enjoyed biting me so much.

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Controller's Comments - Phil Janaway

A great little event! Well done to Marion for coping admirably on her first time as organiser (even having the fortitude to shake off illness during the day of the event). Mike's courses managed to squeeze a lot out of a small area and were generally well received. Winning times are always difficult to predict - In hindsight I'm confident the course lengths were appropriate for the area.

All in all, luck was with us, on what was my first time as controller. The uncertainties of the ongoing FMD situation led to one change of date and the late granting of final permissions - which compressed our timsecales for preparation somewhat! The fact the event was able to go ahead at all owes much to the adaptability and persistance of many Deeside members, especially Barry Barnes and his team handling the fixtures calendar. The weather held out on the night too. Wirral received a sustained downpour that evening while Chester stayed dry until all the controls had been collected. Furthermore it was pleasing that we were not affected by any control vandalism.

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Yellow 2.1km 9 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Callum Crocker            DEE    M10    18:08
   2 Nilsen                    MEROC  M8     21:15
   3 Sue Palmer                3HO    W35    22:21
   4 Matthew Palmer            3HO    M12    23:06
   5 Oliver Thomas             IND    M3     26:13
   6 Bethany Schorah           DEE    W10    26:41
Colour standard (27:12)
   7 Evans                                   37:44
   8 George O'Sullivan/P Holden               38:13
   9 William Hildon                   M13    40:07
  10 Laura Palmer              3HO    W12    47:29
  11 David Ollerhead/M Chesure               64:43
     Edward Thorton            DEE    M14   m 3-5 & 7

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Orange 2.5km 9 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Brown                                   40:32
   2 Lee Mault                 3HO    M12    41:45
   3 C Thomas                  IND    M40    43:42
   4 Dan Wilcox                DEE    M12    53:07
   5 Rachel Findlay-Robinson   DEE    W12    57:46
   6 Craven/Shrimpton                        73:54
   7 Adam & Tom Bidston        ATC           83:11
Colour Standard (Top 50% of 13 starters)
   8 Parker / Bailey           ATC           88:49
   9 Elaine Latham             SELOC  W45    90:23
     Iain Dodd                 DEE    M12   m5-7
     Nicola Whitley / C Mitchell ATC          m7
     Paul & Rob                ATC          m7
     N Routledge/ G Whitley                 

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Light Green 3.3km 11 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Gary Grue                 DEE    M16    51:01
   2 Sheila Hills              DEE    W55    51:28
   3 Elizabeth Hughes          DEE    W14    53:26
   4 Anya Crocker              DEE    W16    54:29
   5 Warbuton                  IND           58:19
   6 Susan Findlay-Robinson    DEE    W45    71:11
Colour standard (76:31)
     Steven Gillespie          SELOC  M14   m2,3,8,10
     Peter Sleigh              DEE    M35    25:39
     Andrew Gething            DEE    M35    37:22
     Tom McGaff                       M45   
     Jane Steele               IND    W21   

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Green 4.6km 16 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Graham Sutton             DEE    M45    50:16
   2 Denis Murphy              DEE    M55    51:23
   3 Rhys Findlay-Robinson     DEE    M16    52:10
   4 David Schorah             DEE    M14    53:25
   5 Peter Hills               DEE    M55    57:48
   6 Barry May                 DEE    M60    60:34
   7 Bob Roach                 DEE    M55    61:08
   8 Norman Hall               DEE    M50    62:29
   9 Barry Chambers            DEE    M50    63:48
  10 Paul Jones                DEE    M35    65:09
  11 John Collins              DEE    M35    65:49
  12 Clare Crocker             DEE    W40    67:55
  13 Alan Mullock              DEE    M55    68:10
  14 Robin Tilston             DEE    M60    72:09
Colour standard (75:24)
  15 Matthew Latham            SELOC  M14    86:20
  16 Mike Bale                 DEE    M65    97:52
  17 Margaret Murphy           ODR    W50   102:42
  18 Jamie Gillespie           SELOC  M14   130:53
     D Doyle                   DEE    M50   
     Julie Brook               MDOC   W50   
     Malcolm Duncan            POTOC  M65   

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Blue 6.8km 16 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Andrew Middleditch        DEE    M21    46:14
   2 Jackie Bale               DEE    W21    47:33
   3 Malcolm Irvine            DEE    M45    56:14
   4 Chris Wilcox              DEE    M45    60:53
   5 Eifion Thomas             DEE    M50    61:21
   6 Sean Cranny                      M21    62:20
   7 John Britton              MDOC   M50    63:17
   8 Nick Martin               DEE    M21    64:02
   9 John Robinson             DEE    M50    64:37
  10 Chris Rostron             MDOC   M50    66:41
  11 Noel Schorah              DEE    M40    68:17
  12 Kevan Latham              SELOC  M45    69:31
Colour Standard (Top 50% of 23 starters)
  13 Andrew Williams           DEE    M50    72:22
  14 Richard Hughes            DEE    M45    73:41
  15 Katrina Hawkins           DEE    W21    82:15
  16 EJ Pye                    DEE    M40    86:03
  17 Malcolm Barr              IND    M40    86:31
  18 Ian Jackson               DEE    M21    90:10
  19 Andy Black                DEE    M21    97:18
  20 Steve Gillespie           SELOC  M45   101:51
     Timothy Martland          MDOC   M35   m9
     Martin Statham            IND    M40   m3
     Nick Jefferson            IND    M21   

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