Deeside Orienteering Club
Summer Evening Event held at Eastham
Wednesday 16 May 2001

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Organiser's Comments - John Padget

Apologies if your name is incorrectly spelt in the results. If this has hasppened to you, it is a product of both your own bad handwriting and the new Deeside registration system which (if you are not a BOF member) has now only your control card/stub to record names, these being filled in by the competitor. However the new system is undoubtedly less manpower intensive.The event seemed to go well, thanks largely to the efforts of the Smithard family who efficiently planned and controlled. Thanks to the helpers on the day : Carol and Andrew Tarr, Ian Gilmartin, Peter and Sheila Hills, Peter Edwards,Tim Palmer and Barbara Jones. Especial thanks to Barbara Majumbdar, Mike Round and Brian Fielding who gave up their chance to run in order to help and to my wife Marian who gave up her round of golf to help.

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Planner's Comments (written by controller) - Smithard Family

Overhead comment of the night - 'at least they didn't send us to the 'three knolls' well, you nearly were, but in the light of the ranger's bluebell zone map which didn't ban us from that area, we decided it would be perverse to send you through the best area of bluebells in the wood! Apparently there are two kinds of bluebell, and the rare kind is at Eastham although my ranger contact couldn't tell me the difference. This therefore adds to the rare kind of heather at Bickerton and the rare kind of spiders at Caldy which our orienteering areas have been infamous for in the past.

Was the yellow course too difficult? It was planned by Zoe (W10) and 1-2 jolted me a bit when I first saw it, hardest route, early in the course but she explained 'route simplification, daddy', head south down the path beyond the control, turn right and back up the path to the control one decision point easy. OK, how many people did that?

Orange course planned by Chris (M12). Always the most difficult course to get right. Thought it was too yellow, so control 4 was moved from near the path across to the seat to give a bit of route choice. Only 4 entrants on this course though.

The rest, planned by Pauline (W??). Sunburnt in the heat of Bank Holiday Monday when taping sites, wet feet on Wednesday. Normal challenges, usual control sites (?), too easy in the north, too confusing in the south, map's still not right keep trying, Mike.

Controller Mike. Thanks to John P, his helpers and the planners for making the event happen. Thanks also to Tim Palmer, who having his offer of help turned down by John, ended up manning the 2nd maps, running and then collecting half the controls in! He now knows the area quite well. Despite what the map says, I didn't resurvey the whole map, I thought I'd do a quick check, which turned into a detailed survey of some small parts of it the green bits are spreading! (How has that depression and thicket just up from the finish not been on the map before?). I realise now all the bits I didn't visit at all, so I've got another set of corrections already for next time. Thanks also to Robin Tilston for Ocading my amendments (just a touch more that way please, Robin).

PS the building on the green opposite the pub (formerly the toilets and before that the ticket office for the Eastham Pleasure Gardens) has been put on the market by Wirral Borough Council. No doubt a takeaway food outlet will be appearing soon.

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Blue 5.1km 21 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Malcolm Irvine            DEE    M45    40:39
   2 Eifion Thomas             DEE    M50    46:11
   3 Graham Nilsen             MEROC  M40    46:45
   4 N Murphy                  DEE    M40    48:31
   5 Chris Wilcox              DEE    M45    51:36
   6 Huw Lewis                 DEE    M40    51:45
   7 Eric Pye                  DEE    M40    52:40
   8 A Gething                 DEE    M35    53:47
   9 Chris Rostron             MDOC   M50    56:16
  10 Paul Turner               SELOC  M40    57:11
  11 Tim Palmer                DEE    M35    57:20
  12 C Barnes                  DEE    W21    59:56
  13 John Britton              MDOC   M50    63:07
  14 John Williams             ODR    M55    63:34
  15 I Jackson                 DEE    M21    64:33
  16 Shane Drinkwater          PFO    M25    67:11
  17 Rick Hughes               DEE    M45    67:30
  18 M Statham                 IND    M40    68:23
  19 Andy Black                DEE    M21    68:53
     Noel Schorah              DEE    M40   W7

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Green 4.5km 17 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
  =1 Martin Green              MDOC   M45    47:05
  =1 David Schorah             DEE    M14    47:05
   3 Norman Hall               DEE    M50    47:07
   4 Rhys Findlay-Robinson     DEE    M16    48:33
   5 A Mullock                 DEE    M55    49:29
   6 Paul Jones                DEE    M35    49:32
   7 K Harrison -Smith         DEE    M55    50:49
   8 Tim Murphy                DEE    M45    53:06
   9 Bob Roach                 DEE    M55    53:51
  10 Martin Cranny             DEE    M60    55:23
  11 Jean Payne                DEE    W45    55:30
  12 Denis Murphy              ODR    M55    57:41
  13 Keith Mutch               ODR    M60    58:29
  14 David Brown               DEE    M50    58:45
  15 Barry Barnes              DEE    M55    59:22
  16 M Claxton                 MEROC  M21    59:49
  17 Katrina Hawkins           DEE    W21    63:17
  18 Peter Hills               DEE    M55    63:37
  19 Ian Gilmartin             DEE    M40    64:58
  20 Ian Mallinson             DEE    M40    66:45
  21 Jane Toothill             DEE    W21    68:54
  22 Robin Tilston             DEE    M60    70:34
  23 Jonathan Hughes           DEE    M16    72:30
  24 Mike Bale                 DEE    M65    76:07
  25 Alan Platts               DEE    M45    76:22
  26 Smith+1                   IND    W35    76:25
  27 B May                     DEE    M60    76:37
  28 Margaret Murphy           ODR    W50    78:49
  29 A Hurell                  DEE    W45    91:44
     Andrew Tarr               DEE    M60   W1
     Malcolm McIvor            DEE    M60   W12
     M Roesch                  IND          W4,9
     HOLT                      DEE    M21   
     J Martin                  DEE          
     Stephen Platts            DEE    M14   
     Maggie Hateley            DEE    W35   

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Light Green 3.1km 14 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 C Smithard                DEE    M12    41:22
   2 Andrew Moore              DEE    M16    41:49
   3 Gary Grue                 DEE    M16    43:16
   4 Ian Gregory               DEE    M16    44:29
   5 James Edgar               DEE    M14    48:22
   6 E Hughes                  DEE    W14    58:49
   7 Andrew Irvine             DEE    M14    60:32
   8 ? ?                       IND    M21    64:26
   9 Carol Cranny              DEE    W55    69:27
  10 M Pope                    DEE    W40    69:41
  11 Jane Fisher               IND    W21    89:57
     Chris Simpson             3HO    M16   
     Stephen Malkin            3HO    M14   
     Susan Findlay-Robinson    DEE    W45   
     Catherine+Ja +Jackie      IND    W21   
     Dave +Debbie              IND    M21   

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Orange 2.8km 12 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Dan Wilcox                DEE    M12    39:09
   2 Rachel Findlay-Robinson   DEE    W12    63:26
     Hannah Hateley            DEE    W1     32:56
     Barbara Borzi             IND    W21   

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Yellow 1.8km 9 Controls

Pos Name                      Club   Class   Time
   1 Laura Grue                DEE    W17    13:06
   2 M Corran                  3HO    M12    15:44
   3 John Nicholson            DEE    M12    23:20
   4 A Corran                  3HO    M12    23:29
   5 Andrew Foster             DEE    M14    24:19
   6 Robert Salisbury          DEE    M12    24:46
   7 C Young                   3HO    M12    24:47
   8 Mark Richards             DEE    M14    26:20
   9 Anna Simpson              3HO    W12    26:53
  10 Nicholas Nilsen           MEROC  M10    27:19
  11 Hannah Irvine             DEE    W10    27:20
  12 Ian McDonnough            DEE    M14    27:22
  13 M Palmer                  3HO    M12    27:50
  14 A Corley                  3HO    M12    29:58
  15 Iain Dodd                        M12    30:33
  16 Zoe Smithard              DEE    W10    32:09
  17 R Nugent                  3HO    M12    32:54
  18 Katherine Nilsen          MEROC  W10    33:07
  19 Bethany Schorah           DEE    W10    35:08
  20 Chris Burns               IND    M12    36:11
  21 F Simpson+1               DEE           45:54
  22 S Spreadbury              IND           94:52
     Edward Thornton           DEE    M14   
     James Platt               3HO    M14   

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